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BizSync Virtual Fiber

Empowering Businesses with Next-Generation SD-WAN Solutions

Virtual Digital Fiber

BizSync is a SD WAN technology that helps you connect offices/branches across regions with fast, secure and affordable solutions using FTTH/5G/4G.

We're experts in this space — We make sure your business stays always securely connected with real-time monitoring, supported with IP SLA. We make it easy for you to manage communication and save money through simple web interface.

BizSync Features

Zero Touch Installation

Zero Touch Installation at branch locations using edge routers

Centralized Management

Centralized management of whole WAN with Ease of Deployment and Improved Connectivity

Borderless Scalability

Integrates diversified connectivity to seamlessly reach remote locations

AI Inbuilt

Traffic Analysis carrier performance, bandwidth Utilization and forecasting


IP SLA integration for unparalleled visibility into their network performance

Inbuilt Redundancy

Auto failover, Load Balance and dynamic traffic shaping

Integrated NMS

Comprehensive network visibility and control with simple web-based NMS

Secured Commmunication

Advanced security with encryption and authentication protocols

BizSync is 100% developed in India.

BizSync is tested using connections from 20 different broadband providers in different cities. It is tested, configured and tuned to provide stabilised services through Double/Triple NAT used by Indian ISPs.

Why BizSync?

Customized scalable secure solutions with zero touch installtion and inbuilt redundancy.

FOSS embedded Linux

Bizsync is FOSS embedded Linux with zero licensing cost

Make in India

Bizsync is a 100% 'Make in India' solution tested and tuned for Indian Network Conditions

Cost Effective

Bizsync is an import substitute at 1/3rd the cost

BizSync FAQs

BizSync is designed with simplicity in mind, featuring an intuitive Configuration and Management interface with centralized control using zero touch installation. This allows businesses to efficiently manage and operate their network infrastructure, without need of skilled IT personnel.

BizSync is the solution that eliminates this dependency by leveraging FTTH/4G/5G links from different providers. By integrating diversified connectivity, businesses gets improved network reachability, reliability and enhanced performance at lower cost.

BizSync includes built-in disaster recovery capabilities. It provides fail-over and redundancy options, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the event of network failures or natural disasters. Business connectivity data is backed up and replicated, minimizing network downtime and protecting against data loss.

With BizSync's solution, businesses gain comprehensive network visibility and control. It offers centralized view of network, management and intelligent traffic routing capabilities, allowing businesses to prioritize critical applications, optimize network performance and ensure smooth operations. 

BizSync optimizes network resources, intelligently utilizing multiple Low Cost FTTH/4G/5G network links and dynamically routing traffic. By efficiently utilizing available resources. This allows for a more cost-effective managed network infrastructure.

Yes, BizSync offers rapid deployment capabilities with zero touch installation, integrating any of connectivity from wide range of Service providers. The solution includes built-in redundancy through low cost ftth/4G/5G backup, ensuring uninterrupted services.

Virtual Digital  Fiber

A cutting-edge technology that emulates the
capabilities of traditional optical fiber networks
through the utilization of Internet Protocol (IP)

Enable last mile connectivity with high-speed
transmission of digital data over IP networks,
offering a flexible and scalable solution for diverse
communication needs.

Virtual Digital FIber
IP SLA Service

IP SLA (Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement) is an
invaluable tool for network monitoring and performance

With this integration, BizSync users can now enjoy
unparalleled visibility into their network performance,
empowering them to proactively identify and resolve
issues before they impact operations.

🔍 Real-time monitoring of network health

📈 Comprehensive performance analytics

⚡️ Rapid detection and resolution of service disruptions

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