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Effortlessly binding history and traditional values, the Edakkal Hermitage combines spectacular vistas of nature and the timeless appeal of heritage of the nearby pre-historic Edakkal caves, with its warm ambience and vernacular architecture. It is in this amazing environ that one can be as captivated by the past as with the present. It is undoubtedly here that one can explore the essence of Edakkal to experience its magic. It is irrepressibly here that one can succumb to the lure of cave art and the art of caving in… Edakkal Hermitage is a resort that aims to call attention to the little known Edakkal Caves and the beauties of eastern Wayanad. This is boulder country and the rooms at the resort are built around the rocks. The resort is on a smaller parcel of land and the theme of rocks and caves is beautifully echoed here. Edakkal Hermitage offers pleasant stay in cottages and camping facilities close to Edakkal caves along with a host of visitor services and an information centre. Other facilities include a cave restaurant that serves traditional Malayali cuisine, a shop of souvenirs and books, and an open-air theatre for cultural and heritage events. We have seven cottages as part of the residential accommodation available at Edakkal. Design wise, all of them have evolved organically and are completely different from each other. Being literally located in Boulder County the sizes were all determined by the sizes of the rocks on which they are situated and in some cases by the trees, coffee and pepper plants that coexist in proximity. The existing rocks are part of the foundation in some cases, function as extended balconies in others and even form part of the interiors in one of our cottages. The similarity lies in the fact that all our rooms are strategically located to capture spectacular views of the valley below and the majestic Western Ghats that form an impressive backdrop further down the horizon. To further highlight the prehistoric connection of the location that we are situated in, all our cottages have been named after cave sites of Pre historic repute.



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