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Home to exotic legends, ancient ruins, mysterious mountain caves, aborigine tribes, hidden treasures, tree houses, jungle trails and exotic wild life, Kerala’s Wayanad district is the perfect setting for a hundred great adventures!

The hills, rocks and valleys which contribute to the very unique terrain of Wayanad provide for exceptional adventure experiences. Mountains and forests intersperse to create numerous outback trails, trekking routes and opportunities for other adventure sports. With vast areas still unexplored, Wayanad is truly an adventurescape waiting to be discovered!


GBMeeting on 11th feb'14 at Annapara Homestays


All Members of WTO-Wayanad

Dear All,

A General Body Meeting * of all member properties of WTO-Wayanad will be held at M/s Annappara Homestay,Vythiri on 11th Feb. 2014 from 6.00PM onwards as per the following Agenda

Splash '14 -
Byelaw reviewal and amendment
Any other matter with the permission of the chair

All are requested to make it convenient to be present on time.

* Please note Owners are preferred or at least Managers who can make decisions of financial commitment on behalf of owners !

WTO Executive Committee Meeting on 9th January'14 at Green Gates Hotel, Kalpetta

W.T.O. Executive Committee Members
Dear All,
It is decided to hold the next meeting of WTO Executive Committee members on 9th January'14 at 6.00PM at M/s Green Gates Hotel,Kalpetta as decided in our last meeting and as per the following agenda :
· Consideration and review of the minutes of meetings held on 06/12/13 and 13/12/13 approval(Please see the attachments)
· Finance - Statement By Treasurer
· Pending membership requests -
· Annual membership payment

New Men at the Helm of WTO

The Annual General Body Meeting of Wayanad Tourism Organisation held on 08/11/2013 at M/s Windflower Resorts,Pozhuthana,Wayanad has unanimously elected the following as the OFFICE BEARERS for the next term :
1. President .. .. Mr. Victor Dey,Tranquil Resorts
2. Secretary .. ..Mr. K. Ravindran,Pranavam Homestays
3. Vice Presidents ..1.Mr.Ashraf C C, Green Gates Hotel
. ..2.Mr.Anil,Rain Country Resorts
4. Treasurer .. ..Mr. Sunil Thomas,Stream Valley
5. Joint Secretaries ..1.Mr.Ernst Poyyail,Greenex Farms

Annual General Body meeting

Dear Members

This is to invite you for the Annual General body meeting of WTO on

8th November @ HOTEL WINDFLOWER -Chundale-Vythiri by 4.30 pm.

Will circulate the agenda in a few days time

Please note this is a Members family meet.

Please communicate the number of people who will be theer in your family to Mr.Anu Abraham-GM-Windflower .

Thanks to the Management & staff of WINDFLOWER for hosting the meet.






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